March 9, 2022

The Cloud: Redefining Broadcasting

The global pandemic has made it clear to the broadcasters that, if they intend to go far, the cloud way will soon be the only way to go. From operations that require no physical location to the flexibility of scaling, there are many reasons why the cloud is the future of broadcasting. Let’s explore a few ways in which this technology adds value to your broadcast delivery.

Game Changer

Sure, content is always king, but in today’s world this holds true only if that content is backed by the technology to support it. The cloud services do this most efficiently.
With the use of cloud, broadcasters can not only scale and deliver quickly, but they can also monetize using customizable mechanisms. This flexibility goes hand in hand with ability of the broadcaster to be able to experiment with various pop-up channels.

Cutting Costs with Efficiency

In the long haul, cloud services will help keep costs low. One of the ways it does this is by helping businesses standardize the format of their content. Unlike traditional broadcasting that acquires content in one format, converts into another and sends to the satellite in yet another, throughout the entire process, only one format is necessary, bringing about a cost reduction in processing.
Another crucial way in which it reduces costs immensely is by eliminating the need for a physical location to carry out operation. From the cost of the real estate and infrastructure to the cost of the manpower required to carry out operations, it saves quite a bit of capital.

The Intermediate Approach

As you begin to transition, it would be smart to keep things at an intermediate level. This would give you an avenue to explore the cloud and get used to its processes before you step back from the data centre approach. One crucial thing to limit is the number of processes that we tend to set in traditional broadcasting. Spinning down processes is a must take approach to save costs in the cloud.

Being open to a cross over in skills and adopting to edge caching the content frequently would also reduce latency in the cloud.

Optimizing the Switch

Regardless of the business model employed, we, as your end-to-end OTT providers help you optimize cloud computing attributes seamlessly. This is done without compromising on the core values of delivering compelling media services to end customers.