January 17, 2022

Preserving Your Mental Health in this Remote Working Scenario

Just when we all thought, COVID was a thing of the past, 2022 began with another wave pushing us back to another WFH (Work from Home) scenario. Work from Home can be an overwhelming experience for many of us as the boundaries between work and personal life begins to fade. Some of us end up overworking, some of us get pulled into unexpected personal chores and some of us don’t seem to have time for anything. Navigating through these unpredictable times can be quite a challenge that’s thrust upon your mental health.

This is why we’ve put together a few checks or ways through which you can sail through these tough times without it laying heavy on your peace of mind.

Stay Agile

We live in unpredictable times and the only way to be prepared is to tell yourself that change is the only constant. One month, you may get back to your workplace, the next, you may work from home. Adapting to this reality can help you feel less dejected and see through the course of the year. So, now more than ever, focus on expanding your horizons when it comes to mental agility.

Draw Up a Schedule

Start your day by drawing up a schedule for yourself. Make sure you include your personal and professional tasks for the day in this schedule. This way, you’ll be prepared to take the day on, and if something gets delayed or postponed, you’ll know exactly where to push it based on your availability.

Set A Designated Workspace

Get ready for work as you would normally and designate a workspace in your home used exclusively for that purpose. This helps your mind compartmentalize work and you get to be zone out from the happenings of your home more easily.

Set Defined Boundaries

Set boundaries with your organizations as to when your working hours are and make sure you stick to it and reinstate it when necessary. It is also a great idea to set boundaries with family members and make sure they know that there will be hours in the day when you will be unavailable for home-related matters.

Productivity is not Linear

We live in troubled times and one day we are fine, next day we may receive grim news that puts us off. So, do not measure your productivity on a day-to-day basis. On one day, you may get a lot of work done and the next day, not so much. Productivity has never been linear, so make sure you don’t associate it with your self-worth.

Take Breaks

Schedule your breaks and take them come what may. Whether it is a quick fifteen-minute tea break or a half an hour lunch break, make sure you don’t miss it and keep work out of it.

Eat, Sleep & Exercise

Putting yourself first in these primary ways can bring a lot of comfort and help release some of those good hormones. So, no matter the day you are having, try and incorporate exercise into your day. Walk around as you take calls, eat wholesome homemade meals often and try to hit that 7–8-hour mark on most days if not all.

Stay Connected with Peers, Friends & Family

The feeling of being isolated can be pretty quick to seep in as we work from home. Break this feeling by engaging with your peers and loved ones. Set up a quick virtual chai meeting or simply check in with your loved ones. But do it regularly to feel connected and loved.