April 23, 2021

Lighting Fast Content Delivery Network

EdgeCast CDN-Better Performance, Security and Reliability.

Industry challenges and opportunities

Internet usage continues to grow worldwide. Over a billion new users have joined the internet since 2013. By 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video.1 A primary driver for internet adoption is mobile phones, with nearly 80% of digital video viewers using their mobile phones to stream content.

As we move to a mobile-only or mobile-first world, it’s critical that your content delivery partner has the available capacity and scale to reliably deliver your video, images, and content at the fastest speeds with the highest quality of experience. Performance that builds audiences Flawless digital experiences begins with an intelligent, interconnected global network built for media.

Featuring massive bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies, the Edgecast CDN delivers lightning-fast performance, always-on availability, stringent security and a flexible configuration required of the modern internet and global viewers.

Our advanced technology includes support for Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) – a next-generation protocol that maximizes website speed and security, and intelligent load balancing to ensure faster delivery of each request.

Our open peering policies provide single-hop, low latency connections to thousands of networks; delivering content faster to even the most remote geographies, and enabling you to scale to new markets quickly, delivering your content fast and securely to any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Accelerated and improved decision making
  • Boost in sales and marketing performance
  • Drive accountability across the organization
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Faster time to market and harvesting innovation
  • Improved planning and forecasting

Web, video and API acceleration

Static and dynamic content acceleration helps you pack in more video, images, data-heavy video games and widgets to meet viewer expectations. Respond faster to requests and deliver richer content on every screen so that your customers receive high-quality, Instant-on experiences wherever they are.

Edge computing

We make experiences better on the edge. Provide visibility into how your business rules are being configured, flexibility to manage configurations and rules through a web portal. You can also create custom rules to specify precisely how edge-servers cache and deliver your content. We also include support for Lua scripting for endless possibilities at the edge, from increasing your cache-hit ratio to squeezing even better performance out of your website and apps.

Cloud security

We provide comprehensive, PCI-certified security that protects your websites and mobile applications at every level. From massive network-layer DDoS attacks to advanced application-layer attacks, our comprehensive Cloud Security Solution protects you from a full complement of malicious bots and other cyber threats.

Reporting and analytics

Know sooner with Real-Time Log Delivery. This feature sends raw logs to the endpoint of your choice in near real time, enabling you to make better decisions that benefit your users. Logs are delivered in less than 60 seconds – the fastest delivery in the industry.

More powerful global network

Our global network has 59+ Tbps of capacity and features modern architecture and patented caching and acceleration technologies. Over 130 strategically-placed PoPs in six continents interconnect with over 3,000+ peering and routing partners enabling faster page load times, more objects served from cache, and no impact to performance during traffic spikes.

Increased power and control

Your content on your terms. Our self-service portal and APIs enable real-time control as well as high visibility, configurability, customization, and fast, system-wide propagation.

Multilayered protection for a multi-threat world

Get end-to-end cloud security. Our comprehensive Cloud Security Solution includes built-in DNS protection, SSL/TLS encryption, Layer 3, 4, 7 DDoS protection, a dual Web Application Firewall, bot mitigation, and origin protection. Add in our optional Managed Cloud Security service, and you have a complete security solution to help your business protect its assets and grow – safely.

Class-leading service and support

Our teams take a highly collaborative approach to problem-solving, so most issues are resolved at the Tier 1 level. In addition to proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, we provide instant updates when there is an issue with real-time ticketing and RSS feeds, so you always know what’s happening as it happens. Improve your ROI Our service delivery model, combined with our more efficient CDN architecture, translates into superior ROI for you. We offer a lower total cost of ownership by reducing the cost of administration, minimizing non-value-add service costs, improving productivity and lowering the cost of services.