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The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN), owned by the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals, is a regional sports network streaming high-definition videos related to both teams in Major League Baseball.
The ask
MASN wanted to launch an OTT platform for fans to follow the latest updates of their teams, the Nationals, and the Orioles.
The solution
DCT’s streaming product, dcafé’s efforts resulted in an optimized OTT platform for MASN, featuring enhanced monetization, streamlined authentication, improved content visibility, dynamic interactions, and a personalized EPG experience.
The implementation
AVOD Monetization
Adobe Pass Authentication
Swimlane Content
Dynamic Sponsor Logos
Dynamic Game Stats
EPG Schedules
Dcafé introduced an AVOD model with mid-roll and non-skippable ads to maximize revenue.
Adobe Pass was utilized for seamless user authentication across devices without constant logins.
MASN’s sports articles were optimized with swim lanes for mobile and web, highlighting key content.
A dynamic system was created for MASN to Update sponsor logos directly from the CMS.
Sportsradar integration enabled game statistics, notifications, and live scores on mobile and web devices.
Custom EPG layouts for each team improved user engagement by directing users to relevant content.
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  • Where is MASN heading in terms of technological advancements in the near future?

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