Your roadmap to building an OTT platform.

App Management

dcafé, offers app management by automating asset ingestion, employing dynamic metadata mapping, and streamlining cast and crew management. It incorporates geofencing for content access control, supports EPG setups, and manages DRMs. The OMS handles multiple app UIs, enables virtual linear channels, and accommodates diverse business rules. In essence, it offers a comprehensive solution for streamlined app content, channel management, and user interactions.


The monetization features of dcafé cover AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD models, providing a versatile framework for revenue generation. It includes capabilities for setting up free trials, allowing users to experience the platform before committing. Additionally, the system incorporates a robust promo code and voucher management system, facilitating promotional campaigns and user incentives. With support for SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion) and CSAI (Client-Side Ad Insertion), the OMS ensures seamless integrations of advertising for optimal monetization strategies. The inclusion of multi-level analytics enhances the ability to gather and analyze data, providing valuable insights into user behavior and content performance, thereby optimizing monetization strategies further.


The analytics component of dcafé, encompasses subscriber and churn analytics, offering valuable insights into user engagement and retention. Detailed reporting is provided for events, vouchers, and TVOD transactions, aiding the assessment of promotional campaigns and revenue streams. It utilizes Firebase and Google Analytics for comprehensive user tracking, while streaming analytics focus on content consumption patterns. Player analytics offer insights into user behavior during playback, and ad server reports gauge advertising effectiveness. And finally, Crashlytics help identify and address issues promptly, making it a robust and concise solution for subscriber management, content performance, and overall platform health.

dcafé Play - our in-house video player

dcafé play offers Multi Rendition streaming for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), customizable skinning, playlist, and Auto Start features. It supports AAC and MP3 audio formats, and provides high-quality sound. Our preview thumbnails provide a visual overview of content, while bookmarking allows users to save their favorite moments, while closed captioning ensures accessibility. The player supports video casting and includes player controls with a seek bar. It is compatible with both Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) and Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI), providing a comprehensive solution for dynamic and engaging streaming.

Pre integrations

dcafé offers pre-integrations with top payment gateways, Mandrill, and SMTP for email servers, Addiotionally, it offers Mo Engage for engagement, and OTP partners for user verification. And finally, it offers robust subscription management capabilities, streamlining various processes for a seamless user experience.