Freedom to quench your thirst for unique content

dcafé Play in action

Streaming protocols administered to quickly scale and optimize viewing experiences based on device and servers used enhances adaptive streaming capabilities

A seamless player with fluid integrations across platforms bound by unmatched analytics.


Effortlessly achieving the look-and-feel you desire.

Cross platform integration to Stream stunning videos anywhere.

A floating window to watch videos while you interact with other sites/apps.

Reduced latency for a better real-time user experience.

Effective and efficient video delivery, negating re-buffering and startup time.

Synchronize your subtitles and closed captions precisely.

Cast videos to your television/monitors.

Be part of the Virtual Reality experience and also engage in 360° videos across devices

Deliver continuous streams while bypassing ad blockers.

View data across multiple devices to derive cohesive analysis.

Dcafe play also works without a UI

Enable static ads onto the player without affecting user experience.

Flawless encrypted live streams from/on any device

Schedule ads at any desired moment in time.

Dcafe Play remembers your playback position

Display multiple audio files with our player

Helps you optimize your play experience

Turn your impressions into viable business strategies