About Hungama Kids

Hungama Kids is a platform for kids, parents and teachers launched by Hungama, India’s leading digital entertainment company. Here the kids can access content created and curated specifically for them. The destination provides a comprehensive learning experience for children of all age-groups, teachers and parents by offering relevant and targeted content across diverse academic and parental topics. Hungama Kids’ library consists of over 500 videos in English and Hindi with new content added every day to ensure age-appropriate entertainment with ample academic opportunities.




The Challenge
  • The content discovery needed to be easy with the vast library suiting the different needs of the diverse target audience – toddlers, school-going children, pre-adolescents and adolescents.
  • The platform required a gamut of features that include a range of parental controls, no third-party advertisements and no in-app purchases. A single monthly/yearly subscription plan that will allow users to stream HD-quality content on mobiles, laptops and tablets.
The Outcome
  • Hungama Kids India’s only kids app catering to 0 – 18 Years with short format, informative, clean and educational content all managed trough the user-centric dcafé backend for web, android and iOS with Smart TV apps launching soon.
  • Our apps enable parents to track and monitor activities of their child on the app giving them a sense of security. 786
  • Kid friendly design and user centric functionalities have combined fun and learning in a single app for kids.




“One of the biggest challenges of digital entertainment is, “content delivery”. There are multiple issues from poor bandwidth to low-end devices, more so in India, where the sheer size of the audience presents OTT operators with more than one end-user challenge. Hungama has established itself as one of the biggest entertainment destinations in India. So, when we were building the Hungama Kids platform, we at dcafé were mindful of the fact that we owe Hungama’s users the very best video experience in the world. With Hungama Kids where the content library is so varied, we have ensured that when a viewer logs in to the app, content discovery is easy. With our intuitive design, and user-friendly functionalities, we aim to enable Hungama Kids acquire new users faster and increase cross-screen engagement.”


-Vineet Dhawan,CEO                                                                                                                                               


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