Translate video analytics to business tactics.


The first screen each client will see as soon as they enter the OAP (OTT Authoring Platform) is this intuitive dashboard that offers a Single Customer View (SCV) of all their data coming in from disparate sources. Customized to address specific KPIs and business needs, this dashboard brings together actionable insights to drive key business tactics.


dcafé is the only OAP that combines data from the Verizon Media Platform, your video player, google analytics and all app stores or any other third party tool that is integrated on your OTT platform.


This data is represented through widgets that are completely customizable and if seeing web traffic, playback hours and top-performing videos is most important to you that is what you will see right at the top.


From building content strategies to driving marketing decisions, this 360-degree dashboard adds tremendous value to each client’s OTT landscape.

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